Roaming the local countryside

I work on native plant conservation, carrying out wildflower habitat surveys in the local area and helping local communities improve their wildlife areas.
These are blogs about some of the things we’ve found out as a result of those surveys, just wandering around my patch, and then reading up on what others have written.


Available data

All examples of MG5 over 0.5 ha can now be designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so why hasn’t that happened?

A proposal for dating ancient neutral grassland (MG5) communities using indicator species

Documenting ancient grassland loss – a short-ish review

Rural Road Verge Links

Why is no-one sciencing urban road verges?

We should talk about Ancient Grassland

Defining Ancient Grassland

The Curious Incidence of the Knapweed in the Meadow

Medieval Grassland on Road Verges and where to find it

How fast do Wood Anemones grow?

A Tale of Two Globeflowers

Telling Wildflower Stories

How do you get people to look at their local flora?

Small-leaved Lime can look 65 years old when it’s 500. How does it do it?


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