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Collecting Data

Summary: The Priority Habitats Inventory data on MAGIC is not definitive. They have a lot more data still on paper that they can’t afford to digitize. Some of the data is obviously crap or out of date, but they can’t … Continue reading

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There is no national oversight for the relative proportions of English Priority Habitats that are placed into SSSI designation even though biological SSSIs “are intended collectively to comprise the full range of natural and semi-natural habitats” I know because I … Continue reading

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All examples of MG5 over 0.5 ha can now be designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so why hasn’t that happened?

On 26th January I went to visit a site I first surveyed in 2007 as part of a Local Wildlife Site review; I went because I had been informed it had been recently damaged by the landowner. There are records … Continue reading

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Documenting ancient grassland loss – a short-ish review.

I haven’t read through all available papers/reports on grassland loss  (a lot of the science is behind a paywall despite being publicly funded) but I’ve collated enough to give an overview here. Also …it’s complicated, so has been tricky to … Continue reading

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We should talk of Ancient Grassland.

I’ve been thinking about how we describe ‘meadows’: Language changes over time and meanings shift depending on what most people see every day. A dictionary definition of a meadow is an area of grass that is cut to make hay; … Continue reading

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How do you get people to look at their local flora?

There has been much written about the disconnect for people between the modern digital world and the natural world – how we all need to get out more because it is good for our health, both mentally and physically. In … Continue reading

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Understanding Small-leaved Lime trees.

Ancient woodlands are more than just interesting plants and animals. They are part of the story of our social history but, like a detective, you need to know what clues to look for. About ten years ago I was part of … Continue reading

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