The I. Pot so far in 2016


As the eyebright has just started to flower- it’s a late summer flowering species, no idea which one – and I haven’t written about my I.Pot for a while I thought I’d do a review of the year so far.

The thrift pretty much died at the beginning of the year…a final slow and steady decline. For whatever reason, I find thrift does not like being in a pot much more than a year. Here it is on the left (I still haven’t removed it) with some of the many eyebright seedlings.IMG_4420

Those eyebright seedlings have been pretty much that size since the end of May.


The tiny spring vetch flowered and is now setting seed.


Only one of the bee orchids flowered, but they self-pollinate


IMG_4421and so seed is forming now. The two other bee orchids that flowered for the last two years were just small leaf rosettes this year, one getting a bit chomped by a snail.


The small scabious is now flowering – the plant
has stayed small and is a bit spindly although the quaking grass and meadow oat-grass have bulked up and flowered well this year…perhaps the reason that other things have not done so well.


So far this year then, moments of interest but generally looking a bit scruffy and a steady decline in the number of species growing present. I think I can see the signs of adult vine weevils too which might affect things further, but we will see.

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2 Responses to The I. Pot so far in 2016

  1. Julieanne says:

    That’s really interesting about thrift, and maybe explains why the ones I have in their own pots have died down after the first year. I keep hoping it will come back to life, but I guess it has kicked the bucket.

    • Martin says:

      When I grew the native thrift in pots as part of a wildflower nursery I always found they were great the first year, but always gradually died off after that. I just think they like to have their feet in the soil.

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