The other side.

A good friend of mine read my last post about the I.Pot and mentioned quite carefully that it didn’t really look very good (note to people who live down south; this is the northern equivalent of someone saying “Darling it’s divine!” then changing the subject immediately and NEVER speaking of it again).

I was tempted to talk about texture and contrast, the clash of industrial & countryside flora in a match to the death, all coupled with the poignant and yet strangely redemptive act of quintessential humiliation that is blogging,  but I didn’t have time because we were booked for the teatime special at the pub and I was hungry.

“Just you wait till it starts flowering” I said “there will be queues to see it and it will be amazing!!” There was an eye-roll.  What it is to be surrounded by sceptics.

pot 2 flower

In the meantime, the other half of my garden is slightly more decorative.

I’ve always wanted to grow Cowichan polyanthus, particularly the dark red ones because I like dark red, but have never had a garden with the right spot for them. So I bought three by mail order from Summerdale Garden Nursery and teamed them with three young Stipa tenuissima and a red winter-flowering viola from local nurseries.

I’ve scattered Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ in gaps around the plants  and underplanted with a pale yellow Hyacinth ‘City of Haarlem’ and the  Tulip ‘Gavota’ – red with a cream edge all from Peter Nyssen. I thought that would all look classy and sophisticated – I know!           Go me!

pot 2

Photobombed by my washing!

Unfortunately, I had some Fritillaria uva-vulpis, left over from the I.Pot, a flower best described as ‘interesting’, ‘specialist’, and ‘something only a mother could love’ in shades of green and brown. I didn’t want to waste them and that over-ruled my aesthetic judgement, so I put them in too. Ho Hum.

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